Russian President Vladimir Putin, April 2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin, April 2017Reuters

After the US response to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s chemical weapons attack in the Idlib region of Syria, Russia is claiming that it has information indicating US intent to strike Syria again.

“We have information indicating a provocation similar to the one we saw is already in the planning stages,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday during a meeting with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella, who is currently visiting Moscow.

Putin also claimed that the US is planning to fake chemical attacks in Syria. “In other parts of Syria, such as the southern Damascus suburbs, they are planning to plant substances and then accuse the Syrian regime of additional chemical attacks,” he said.

In an interview Wednesday with Fox Business, US President Donald Trump said that the US is “not going into Syria” despite recent US airstrikes.

He also criticized Putin for backing the Assad regime. "We’re not exactly on the same wavelength with Russia, to put it mildly,” he said. “Putin must see what a barbarian this guy is, and it’s a very bad symbol for Russia with this guy gassing children and using barrel bombs."