Jail (illustration)
Jail (illustration)Thinkstock

A 37-year-old Jerusalem man was arrested last week for committing sexual offenses against several minors.

The suspect works as a maintenance man in a local yeshiva, and is being charged with molesting both his neighbor's children and the yeshiva's students. According to the investigation, the suspect invited children to the storage house near the yeshiva, and molested them there. In some cases, he molested several children together.

Some of the victims received payment for their "services" and some were threatened.

As the investigation progressed after his arrest, Israel Police found several of the victims. The first victim spoke with the police on Sunday.

So far, two victims have spoken with the police, both of whom are now 17. Two additional victims, aged 10 and 12, were interrogated by an expert in children's interrogation. Police are working to locate additional victims.

The suspect has refused to cooperate with the interrogators, and the court has requested his arrest extended by seven days.

Israel Police are continuing to investigate the case.