Shvut Rachel
Shvut RachelOfir Tamir

Shvut Rachel sits on a hill in the heart of the beautiful Samaria area. This young and lively settlement will most definitely reach into your heart, like it does for the people who live there.

We are happy to announce the building of a synagogue, a spiritual center for our community. Prayer halls for Ashkenazi and Sephardic worshipers alike, as well as a well equipped religious library, will be included.

G-d willing, the new synagogue will be built in a spacious building which should accommodate all our worshipers and take the place of the cramped and insufficient building we have today. It should connect us to G-d with meaningful prayer and Torah studying, and connect the members of our community through charity, lectures, and social activities.

Building our dream

We have come a long way since our settlement started, and our entire community took upon themselves the financial effort in the building of our synagogue, each man according to his ability. And so our dream began.

We have received the various building permits, as well as plans for the architectural construction. We have the approval of the regional council, and all the other necessary permits. Additionally, we have established an fund under the name of “Beit Knesset Keva, Shvut Rachel,” with its own bank account.

We have managed to raise approximately a million Israeli shekels from the families who live in the settlement. In order to finish the whole project we need to raise a total of 7 million shekel. We appeal to you in this time of need.

The people of Shvut Rachel thank you for helping build our synagogue and strengthening the holy Land of Israel.


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