Pesach reenactment
Pesach reenactmentPress release

The Temple organizations will stage their reenactment of the Pesach offering in the central square of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. The organizations sought to stage the event at the southern entrance to Temple Mount but it was not approved by police and the Supreme Court, so it was relocated to the alternative location.

The spokesman for the organizations, Assaf Fried, said that from their point of view the new location represents an improvement over previous years where it was not allowed to take place inside the Old City.

The event, which will take place on Thursday, five days before Pesach, has become a tradition in recent years with the Chief Rabbis, members of Knesset and thousands of people attending.

The Temple organization headquarters reported that the public has continued its positive response to the event. Many people called to give support and to donate towards the event. Donors are promised a portion in the Pesach sacrifice which will be slaughtered on the 14th of Nissan if the government will permit this to happen. Other presents available for donors are a portion of the meat from the reenactment lamb, the skin of the lamb, a Haggadah with the original version of the Seder which includes the Pesach sacrifice, medallions depicting the Sanhedrin and books which explain the commandment to offer the Pesach sacrifice even in our time when there is no Temple.

The organizers of the event stated that "this event is meant to revive the colors, smells and sights that accompanied the Temple Service and that were lost to us throughout our long exile .It is meant to breathe new life into our current Passover celebrations.

"With this reenactment, we hope to offer a peak into the authentic Jewish experience of Passover as it was worshipped in ancient times and as it is meant to be."