"Impressive capabilities"
"Impressive capabilities"Police Spokeswoman

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Police Commissioner Roni Alshich today (Tuesday) visited the counter-terror Yamam Special Operations Unit.

The ministers and the commissioner closely observed the unit's special capabilities in the fields of counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and more.

The delegation was accompanied by Deputy Police Chief Commander Zohar Dvir, Border Police Commander Yaakov (Kobi) Shabtai, Head of the Operations Directorate Major General Alon Levavi, and Commander of the Special Operations Unit, Assistant Commander "N".

The unit was established in 1974, and has been responsible for all internal warfare activities. Over the years it has gained an international reputation for uncompromising warfare and exceptional competence in locating wanted persons, counter-terrorism, kidnapping, controlling illegal situations, and more.

During their visit the ministers were impressed by the unit's advanced capabilities in a variety of warfare scenarios, undercover forces, canine sabotage and rescue units. Among other things, they observed a hostage rescue exercise from a building and a bus using the unit's designated methods, as well as their ability to fight from the air with police and army helicopters in coordination with motorcycles.

The ministers also received an overview of the Unit's activities in the struggle of the State of Israel against terrorism and serious crime.

Minister Erdan said that "as a special unit in the war on terror, the Yamam has to provide a response and be able to take control of any structure or vehicle in which terrorists are present, and already has operational experience and capabilities that are unparalleled in the world. But against the new scenarios we as a government must officially define it as a national unit and ensure that all the most advanced capabilities, equipment, and technologies are at its disposal in order to continue neutralizing terrorists and saving lives in every scenario that may arise."

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that "the capabilities we have seen here today are impressive and important in our struggle against terror. The cooperation between the Yamam and the IDF and the integration of the overall operations of all forces from the various armed forces who are fighting terrorism enables Israeli citizens to continue to lead a daily routine in security. This is not an incidental issue in our region and in the circumstances with which we have been dealing since the establishment of the State."

Police Commissioner Alshich said "These days when international terrorism strikes all over the world and we are witnessing wide and varied threats, the Israel Police's Special Police Unit is required to develop and maintain a wide range of unique capabilities. The police missions are leading the response to terror and serious crime."

The commander of the Border Police summed up the visit by saying, "I would like to praise the ministers for coming to observe the unit's capabilities, which is a source of pride and strength in the Border Police. There is no doubt that we still face many security challenges, for which we are preparing and training. The unit will act in any place, time, or security situation in the best possible way for the security of the citizens of Israel and the might of the State."