The Temple Institute has released the third in its ‘Holy Temple Myth Busters’ series dealing with what it considers a common misconception: That Jewish law requires the anticipated Moshiach (Messiah) to build the Third Temple and that it should not be constructed until he arrives.

In the video, Temple Institute Co-founder and International Director Rabbi Chaim Richman highlights the key Torah sources defining the Halakhic (Jewish law) requirements to build the Third Temple in our time and its correlation to the coming of Moshiach.

According to Rabbi Richman, "The Holy Temple has become one of the most overly-mystified concepts within Judaism. While Torah scholars and yeshiva students diligently strive to understand every minutia of Torah knowledge, they seem to have relegated the subject of the Holy Temple to the world of the paranormal."

"Many prefer to ignore the subject entirely, despite the fact that fully one third of the Torah pertains to the Holy Temple, and clear instructions for its preparation and building are written in black and white.

"Not only does the commonly-held belief that we would need Moshiach to build the Third Temple contradict Torah; the notion also alleviates all the Jewish people’s personal responsibility to fulfill one of the most central and important requirements of our faith.

"This is why the Temple Institute has summed up decades of research and presented it in a light and easy to understand, six-minute video that will rock the very foundations of the notion that the Holy Temple is beyond our reach."

The Temple Institute is the leading center of research and preparation for the Holy Temple. In addition to educational activity focused on the centrality of the Temple Mount and Holy Temple, the Institute has also recreated over 70 sacred vessels for use in the Third Holy Temple.