Jibril Rajoub
Jibril RajoubReuters

Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub on Friday blasted Israel's approval of a new community in Samaria for residents of Amona, telling i24news it proves that the Palestinians have no partner for peace.

"This means that there is no Israeli partner to build peace to make peace and reach an agreement," said Rajoub, who called the announcement a "unilateral aggression."

"These unilateral aggressions on the Palestinian territories by dictating facts, expanding existing settlements or building new ones is a message to the international community that this government will never be bound by international legitimacy," he charged.

"This government is insisting on continuing to behave like the bully of the neighborhood,” said Rajoub, adding, "It’s a stab [in the back] to Mr. Trump's administration, who is trying to make peace, a serious, ultimate, deal between Palestine and Israel."

He also vowed that the Palestinian Arabs "will not give up", adding, "We will continue fighting, resisting through peaceful means…not because we believe in Netanyahu and his government, but because we believe there is a peace camp in Israel."

Palestinian Authority (PA) officials regularly claim that Israel is not interested in peace, but PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has consistently refused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s invitations for direct negotiations. Instead, he has chosen to impose preconditions on such talks.

While Abbas tells the West that he is against violence and terrorism, his television channels and social media pages belonging to Fatah openly call for terrorism against Israelis.

Rajoub has in the past said that Jews deserved the genocide inflicted on them by the Nazis. Prior to that he declared that if the PA had a nuclear bomb, it would use it against Israel.

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