Netanyahu and Trump
Netanyahu and TrumpHezki Baruch

US President Donald Trump has accepted the construction of a new town for the former residents of Amona in Judea and Samaria, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A senior Trump Administration official told the Post that the administration considers the new town to be an exception to its request that Israel "hold off" on construction in Judea and Samaria, as the move fulfills a long-standing promise to the currently-homeless residents.

"We would note that the Israeli prime minister made a commitment to the Amona settlers prior to President Trump laying out his expectations, and has consistently indicated that he intended to move forward with this plan," the US official said.

"Going forward, and as we move into more detailed discussions regarding the possibilities for advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace, the Israeli government has made clear that Israel's intent is to adopt a policy regarding settlement activity that takes President Trump's concerns into consideration," the official added.

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel would reduce construction in Judea and Samaria limiting it to building inside town lines except for extenuating circumstances, this at the same cabinet meeting in which the new town was approved, Haaretz reported.

“This is a very friendly administration and we need to be considerate of the president’s requests,” Netanyahu told the Security Cabinet.

The new town will be the first constructed with the official approval of the Israeli government in Judea and Samarria since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.