PA pollution near Givat Ze'ev
PA pollution near Givat Ze'evGreen Now

Two months after the Civil Administration informed the organization Green Now that it had stopped the dumping of illegal waste near Givat Ze'ev, the organization's representatives learned that PA trucks had returned to dump waste on the road, which was also illegally built.

In an urgent letter sent by Green Now attorney Tomer Israel to the director of the control unit, Marco Ben Shabbat, he writes that the pollution is being carried out along the Ayalon river outlet, and the resulting waste water reaches the center of the country.

"There is no need to elaborate on the serious harm caused by this environmental damage. The severe damage is to the soil, vegetation and life, and the rehabilitation of the area is becoming more complex as the pollution continues," Israel wrote.

Israel demanded the "immediate cessation of the construction and expansion of the unauthorized road be undertaken as soon as possible in order to punish the offenders and act to rehabilitate the area."

Green Now first warned of the illegal waste dumping and construction in November.