Female soldiers
Female soldiersFlash 90

A new campaign titled "Save the IDF: Stop the Coed Service" came out against coed units in the IDF.

At the same time, the campaign's organizers collected all the numbers and statistics relevant to women in the IDF and how the integration of women has affected the army.

To read the full Hebrew document, click here.

According to the report, there are ten coed IDF units - and the number of girls joining combat has grown 400% since 2012. During their practice runs, women only have to carry one canteen of water, while men have to carry two; women run with two magazines and men run with five; women run 20 minutes, and men run for forty and have to climb a mountain.

The report also noted that in 2016, there were 802 reported cases of sexual harassment in the army, and 600 abortions are funded every year - but there are 800 pregnancies per year among female soldiers serving in regular army units. Women also cost the army more in doctors bills, since women visit the doctor 9.2% more than men.

Ten different studies showed women cannot do combat properly - and the IDF ignored all of them. Meanwhile 46% of female soldiers suffer preventable injuries from being in combat units. Even the IDF itself showed that a woman's physical capability is less than a man's, and that women are more likely to die from heat stroke than men are.

On their Facebook page, the group wrote, "We grew up on the knees of soldiers who never lost sight of the importance of victory and keeping to their goal. Suddenly, without asking anyone, they've decided to change the IDF's morals.

"Equality, coed service, multiculturalism, and other values have entered the battlefield. And we're worried.

"We are going to work to save the army. Join us, our brothers in arms! Together we will raise the flag! Together we will save the IDF!"