Scene of London terror attack
Scene of London terror attackREUTERS

The terrorist responsible for Wednesday’s deadly attack outside of the British parliament in London was identified by British authorities on Thursday as 52-year old Khalid Masood.

Police say Masood, a resident of the West Midlands, was born in Kent, England. Authorities noted that Masood had not terror convictions and was not the subject of a terror investigation at the time of the attack.

“Prior to #WestminsterAttack Masood,52, was not subject of any current investigations & no intel about his intent to mount a terrorist attack,” the London Metropolitan Police wrote in a twitter comment Thursday.

But according to Scotland Yard, Masood did have a lengthy record of other offenses, not related to terrorism – including violent crimes.

From 1983 to 2003, Masood was convicted in a number of cases, including property damage, assault, weapons possession, and disrupting the peace.

On Wednesday, Masood crashed into a crowd of pedestrians walking on Westminster Bridge near Parliament with a rented SUV. Two people were killed and dozens injured.

Masood then exited his vehicle and stabbed Keith Palmer, a London police officer, to death before being shot and killed at the scene.

On Thursday, police in Belgium said a 39-year old French man of North African descent identified as Mohamed R. was arrested after he attempted to ram pedestrians in a crowded outdoor shopping center in Antwerp. A shotgun, knives, and unidentified liquid were later found in his car.

Earlier on Thursday the ISIS terror group claimed responsibility for the attack in London, proclaiming Masood a "soldier of ISIS".