Turkish government ship Lady Leyla in Mersin before being sent to deliver humanitarian aid
Turkish government ship Lady Leyla in Mersin before being sent to deliver humanitarian aidSezgin Pancar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A Gaza resident named Muhammed Murthaga who was the director of the Gaza branch of the Turkish government's humanitarian aid organization TIKA has been arrested by the GSS with assistance from Israeli police.

A GSS investigation revealed that Murthaga was conscripted by Hamas in 2008 and acted within the framework of the armed division of the organization in promoting military training, weapons and explosive device manufacture, and terror tunnels.

The investigation revealed that his trip via Israel to receive training from his organization which led to his arrest was designed to obtain information which would help Hamas improve the preciseness of rockets launched towards Israel.

Murthaga has served as head of the TIKA organization since 2012, ostensibly promoting humanitarian activities in the Gaza strip. However Murthaga used the resources and funds of the organization to help the armed division of Hamas. This scam was implemented with the knowledge of senior members of Hamas in Gaza, including Ismail Haniyeh.

Among other fraudulent activities, Murthaga transferred to his bosses in the organization lists of Gaza residents who were candidates for economic assistance. However he received these lists from the Hamas and most of those on the list were Hamas terrorists and their families who received benefits in this manner.

During the course of the Protective Edge campaign Murthaga transferred millions of shekels to terrorists by diverting food parcels sent by TIKA for indigent residents to armed terrorists.

During his investigation Murthaga provided significant operational information about the placements of the terror tunnels, the methods of Hamas in digging these tunnels, the plans of action and weapons manufacturing in the Gaza strip.

The investigation revealed Hamas activities both in obtaining resources to maintain its power and in its military activities. The defense establishment said that this information indicates that Hamas is investing considerable efforts in preparing for a military confrontation with Israel, while at the same time neglecting humanitarian problems in Gaza.

The coordinator of activities in Judea and Samaria, Yoav Mordechai, commented that "the egoistic terror organization Hamas is stealing the international donations for poor Gaza residents , living off the donations and funding terror with them. Until when will the international community and the Gazans continue to ignore this?"