Border Police officers
Border Police officersPolice Spokesperson

A Palestinian Authority resident was arrested early Tuesday morning, on suspicion he attempted to hurl an explosive device at Border Police officers operating near the PA-governed city of Jenin in Samaria.

The arrest was made based on intelligence information received by the Shin Bet security services, following the failed terrorist attack Monday night.

The abortive attack took place near Route 60, along the border between pre-1967 Israel and Samaria, just outside of the Jalame crossing.

Two Arab terrorists drove up on a motorcycle towards a group of Border Police officers, threw a bomb at them, then fled on foot.

Officers pursued the terrorists and closed nearby checkpoints in an effort to cut off their possible escape routes.

During the search, intelligence information was received regarding one of the two terrorists. According to the tip, the terrorist was riding in a getaway car which had picked him up after he fled the scene by foot.

Border Police officers located and stopped the car and arrested the suspected terrorist inside, a resident of Jenin in his 20s.