An IAF UAVFlash 90

The Syrian army claimed on Monday evening it downed an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the Kuneitra area.

Media outlets affiliated with the Hezbollah terrorist group also published what they claimed were pictures of the downed Israeli drone, but they did specify when it was allegedly downed.

The IDF confirmed that a “Sky Rider” type drone had fallen in Syrian territory. It was emphasized that no information was leaked from the aircraft and that the circumstances of the incident were being investigated.

On Sunday night, Syrian media reported that Israel had attacked Syrian military positions and Hezbollah targets in the Qalamoun Mountains, along the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Earlier, it had been reported in Syria that an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by the Israeli Air Force opened fire on a car near Kuneitra.

According to the reports, the driver of the vehicle, who was not identified, was eliminated in the attack.

Israel did not comment on those reports.

The reports come amid the latest tensions between Israel and Syria, which began on Thursday night, when Israel attacked targets in Syria, in what Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu later said was a shipment of weapons meant for Hezbollah.

Syria responded to the Israeli airstrikes by launching several anti-aircraft missiles towards the Israeli aircraft.

Meanwhile on Monday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad discussed the Israeli airstrikes on Syrian territory, saying he relies on the Russian administration to prevent future Israeli attacks.

"Russia has an important role in preventing a future confrontation with Israel," said Assad, according to Arab media networks.