Israeli schoolchildren
Israeli schoolchildrenYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Just prior to the upcoming third Kinneret Education Conference of Academia and the Periphery, a new poll showed the divisions in Israeli society, with 48% of citizens unwilling to tolerate a haredi or Arab teacher in their children's schools.

The conference will be held on Wednesday at Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret.

According to Israel Hayom, 48% do not want an Arab teacher to teach their children.

42% of Israelis do not want a haredi teacher to teach their children and 58% do not mind. In addition, 86% do not mind if their children have an Ethiopian teacher, and 12% would not agree to an Ethiopian teacher.

83% of Israelis do not mind if a Religious Zionist teaches their children, while 17% would protest such a teacher.

The poll included 500 Israelis, who were asked to rate their approval or opposition to teachers from different sectors of society. Half of the respondents would not allow their children to learn with Arab students, and 12% opposed their children learning with Ethiopian students (88% do not mind).

13% of respondents would not want their children to learn with religious students of any affiliation, while 87% did not mind if their children learned together with religious students. In addition, 34% would opposed their children learning with haredi students, while 66% did not mind.