Mumbai, India
Mumbai, IndiaFlash 90

Sarit Fafta, age 23, from Petah Tikva, on a trip to India after discharge from the IDF, choked to death after eating a pasta dinner. Fafta left two months ago on the trip with her boyfriend. On Monday she went to a restaurant with her boyfriend and a mutual acquaintance and ate pasta. After returning to the hotel she started vomiting and her medical condition deteriorated. Her boyfriend contacted the front desk asking for an ambulance, but by the time aid arrived she was dead.

Yesterday (Wednesday) her body was transferred for autopsy and it was found that she choked to death. Israel's Consulate General in Mumbai and the Department of Israelis Abroad handled arrangements to have the body flown to Israel.

Betty Banayan, a relative of Sarit, said: "The girl went there healthy and comes back in a casket. We are all frustrated and do not know what happened. We only know that she choked to death. She ate pasta, went back to the room, vomited, and that was it. She wasn't even able to say anything to her boyfriend. They waited 40 minutes for an ambulance. Unfortunately, you know what Mumbai is like."

According to Banyan, Sarit was perfectly healthy with no pre-existing conditions.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that a young Israeli woman died and say that the body's transfer to Israel is being arranged.