Jordanian memorial site for the seven victims
Jordanian memorial site for the seven victimsFlash 90

MK Oren Hazan (Likud) demanded Jordanian authorities re-arrest freed terrorist Ahmed Daqamseh for incitement against Jews.

Daqamseh killed seven Israeli schoolgirls in a terror attack in 1997, and was freed on Sunday - five years early.

Upon his release, he said, "The Israelis are the human waste which the nations of the world vomited up before us... We must eliminate this waste by incineration or by burial."

"Daqamseh is a proven terrorist, whose calls to incitement should be considered additions to his previous crimes," Hazan said. "If he is calling for the murder of additional Israelis, this constitutes a threat to the public, which should be dealt with by Jordan itself.

"If nothing is done, Daqamseh's blood will be on his own head.

"The fact that this abominable murderer was released from prison and honored like a king shows how fragile a peace agreement we have with his government, and proves the peace agreement is only due to foreign interests.

"I remember when King Hussein visited Israel. It was just after the murder, and he got down on his knees and asked forgiveness from the victims' families.

"What's happening in Jordan now is causing me to think King Abdullah should act the same way as his father. If his country would have killed Daqamseh immediately, we would not be in this situation."