Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu'sReuters

Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu participated on Monday morning in an event commemorating 25 years since the 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires.

The 1992 attack killed 29 people and injured over 220 others. In addition, complete sections of the historical four-story embassy building collapsed. Four Israelis who worked in the Foreign Ministry were killed, along with four Jewish women from Argentina.

Netanyahu noted Iran's work in orchestrating the 1992 attack.

"Our attempts to foil Iran's plans continue to this day. We saw the writing on the way from day one: Iran is the one behind this atrocious attack. Iran initiated it, planned it, and because of Iran - Hezbollah was able to carry it out.

"Even then, we warned the world about the enormous amounts of terror Iran sponsors. We warned the world about the illness which would metastasize to the entire world. And it's still here. Since the Iran-sponsored attack in Argentina, Hezbollah has managed to spin an entire web of terror.

"Iran is the biggest terrorist in the entire world. We need to fight this terror, because it is only one of Iran's aggressive arms. Iran is aiming to acquire nuclear weapons, and is working on producing ballistic missiles. Iran is sowing seeds of instability in the entire region, and continues to threaten Israel with destruction.

"One of our top security experts has estimated that 80% of Israel's security issues stem from Iran. We are not afraid and we rely on our own abilities. Since the attack in Argentina, Israel has gained a lot of strength. We will strongly oppose giving Hezbollah dangerous weapons.

"Our red lines are thick and clear. We will not hesitate to act in order to defend them."