Bnei Brak rabbis have instructed their followers not to use explosives on Purim, and to report those who violate the ban or sell explosives to the Israeli Police. Explosives of any kind on Purim are against the law.

Bnei Brak neighborhood Rabbi Zilberberg called on everyone who had information identifying explosives sellers to pass the details on to the Israeli Police.

"This is a terrible problem. Dynamite explosives are set off in our city during the days leading up to Purim," Zilberberg said. "People need to understand that these are very dangerous to sick people, to pregnant women, and to everyone else."

"Each and every person has an absolute responsibility to prevent his children from using such explosives. Anyone who sees youngsters using dynamite must stop them from doing so and reprimand them for it.

"Those who violate the ban and use explosives need to be turned over to the authorities. This is part of the Torah commandment not to 'stand by while your brother is endangered (Leviticus 19).'"

The haredi community is traditionally a closed society that prefers to solve its problems internally. The call to notify the police is an indication that the rabbis feel that the danger is serious enough to require outside assistance .