Jewish Legion's Dogs at Hershkowitz Property
Jewish Legion's Dogs at Hershkowitz PropertyJewish Canine Legion

An Arab terrorist infiltrated into the Mor Farm located in the Mount Hebron region, at approximately 4 PM on Wednesday, according to the IDF.

Shabtai Kushelevski saw the terrorist outside his home, and ran inside to get his gun. The terrorist followed Shabtai into the home, where his wife was nursing their young baby in a side room.

When Sayad Machmud Ali Kaysiya tried to stab Shabtai in the back, he was attacked by Sofie the family dog, allowing Shabtai time to grab his gun and shoot the terrorist dead. Two knives were subsequently found on the terrorist.

Yekutiel Ben Yakov, Director of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a non-profit organization that helps place protection dogs throughout Judea and Samaria said, “We continue to urge Jews to arm themselves with dogs, which have proven to be the most effective biological weapon. The proper use of dogs can save many Jewish lives.”