Dr. Barda with Rani and Shiran Hanan and their triplets
Dr. Barda with Rani and Shiran Hanan and their tripletsBarak Nuna

Shiran, 30, and Rani, 40, Hanan didn't believe their long journey would end the way it did. On Wednesday, the Hanans arrived at Wolfson Hospital for a routine checkup, with their baby triplets in tow.

Prior to the triplets' arrival, the Hanan couple underwent 18 rounds of IVF, over the course of 3.5 years. After the 18th round, Shiran became pregnant, and the couple soon learned they were expecting triplets.

Despite the known risks involved in such a pregnancy, the Hanans decided to keep all the embryos and hope for the best.

Shiran was hospitalized at 19 weeks, as a result of complications and health difficulties.

"She was very strong and determined throughout the entire pregnancy," High-risk Obstetrics Department Director Dr. Julia Barda said. "In the end, she gave birth at 32 weeks."