Kashrut certificate
Kashrut certificateKashrut anti- fraud unit

The Kashrut committee which has been active in the past few months and which has met with officials involved in awarding Kashrut certification on food items will present landmark conclusions on the topic, according to an Army Radio report Tuesday morning.

According to the report, the conclusions will recommend removing the requirement to receive Kashrut from the local rabbinate and allowing businesses to refer to the rabbi of their choice to obtain certification. The goal of this initiative would be to enable the creation of competition which would force local rabbinates to upgrade their Kashrut certifications.

Another recommendation of the committee is to place Kashrut supervisors under the auspices of the religious councils and not, as is presently the case, having them under the employ of the businesses they are supervising. This would reduce the possibility of corruption which stems from the supervisors being directly employed by the businesses.

The conclusions were published a few hours before the Supreme Court is to discuss a petition submitted by the Reform movement against what it terms "the monopoly of the Chief Rabbinate over awarding Kashrut certificates."