Kevin Bermeister has developed several businesses in the computer, multimedia and Internet industries.

He is a technology innovator, real estate investor, philanthropist, and the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc. (BDE) Bermeister is a founding investor in a number of successful technology and real estate ventures including Skype.

Bermeister has now initiated the Jerusalem 5800 project to restore the numerous mikvehs (ritual baths) situated south of the Temple Mount in area known as the Ofel since biblical times and located between the City of David and the Mount.

The project revealed new archaeological layers just tens of meters from Temple Mount. .

The mikvehs revealed the importance of water in the Temple service and for the lives of those who resided in Jerusalem in the Second Temple period. The centrality of the mikveh stemmed from the obligation to immerse and attain a state of ritual purity before going into the Temple.