Attorney Marc Zell, the head of Republicans Overseas Israel, spoke with Arutz Sheva on the eve of the departure of Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington to meet with US President Donald Trump. Zell said that it will be an extraordinary meeting "between leaders who respect one another."

Will he condemn the settlement activity in Judea and Samaria?

The president looks to Israel to define its own strategic interests when it comes to building in Judea and Samaria or anywhere else. While the US may have its own opinions and interests when it comes to the helpfulness of settlements in promoting peace or coexistence, the US will ultimately say that whatever Israel deems important for its own security and future will be acceptable to the US. This means that the US will not condemn Israel over its settlement policies -this is an amazing statement, a huge turnaround in US foreign policy which we've been awaiting for 50 years.

Will the president move the embassy to Jerusalem?

In my opinion, definitely, it's only a matter of time and it will happen quicker rather than sooner. The waiver which president Obama signed regarding moving the embassy in accordance with the US law of 1995 runs out in May or June and at that point the president will announce the moving of the embassy. The embassy will move, since Donald Trump is a true leader and nobody will intimidate him with threats of bloodshed.