Jibril Rajoub
Jibril RajoubReuters

Last week, the head of the German representation in Ramallah, Peter Beerwerth signed "the first bilateral cooperation agreement" in sports between the Palestinian Authority and Germany with Jibril Rajoub, the president of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs in the Palestinian Authority.

In its recent report The Rajoub File, Palestinian Media Watch documented Jibril Rajoub's outspoken support for Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis, and his embargo on peacebuilding Palestinian-Israeli sports activities. During the latest wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis, Rajoub congratulated terrorist murderers, telling them: "You are heroes and we bless you ... you are a crown on our heads." When a friendly football match took place between 11-year-old Israeli and Palestinian boys after the Gaza War in 2014, Rajoub called it a "crime against humanity."

In addition, the Palestinian Football Association, which will be the beneficiary of a German football expert paid for by Germany, supervises an annual sporting event named after arch-terrorist Abu Jihad. According to the Palestinian Authority's own documentation, terrorist Abu Jihad was responsible for the murder of 125 people.

The official PA daily reported that the new agreement between Germany and the PA is the result of "meetings between Rajoub and senior officials of the sports sector in Germany," and that the German Olympic Committee and the German Football Association at these meetings had "demonstrated a willingness to contribute to the development of many sports branches in Palestine" [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 1, 2017].

Germany's association and signing of an agreement with terror-promoting Rajoub is in stark contrast to some German Parliament Members' condemnation of possible German funding of terror-supporting PA activities, specifically the PA's honoring terrorists by paying them salaries in prison, as PMW has documented.

German MP Volker Beck asked the German Foreign Minister in September 2016 how Germany ensures its funding to the PA is not paying terrorist's salaries, and after seeing a PMW presentation in 2015, German MP Albert Weiler stated that "it should not be possible for anti-democratic terror organizations to murder Jews or Christians in the name of their religion. We must fight this strongly. And the whole world should be doing it together."

As part of FIFA, the German Football Association is committed to playing sports in the spirit of FIFA's mission which states that:

"Football can inspire communities and break down barriers. Football is for all. FIFA believes that everybody has the right to play football free from discrimination or prejudice and we are striving to ensure that this is the case."

The German Football Association will be assisting the Palestinian Football Association improve its game, even as the Palestinian Football Association and its head Rajoub violate FIFA principles. In addition to his terror promotion and glorification of murderers, Rajoub has for example explicitly stated that he would take "off the team" any Palestinian sportsman who engages in joint activity with Israelis:

"This state [Israel] is a state of bullies. Fascists can learn a lesson from this state. This government -- there is none more brazen in human history ... Anyone who joins any joint [sports] activity with the Israelis -- I'll take him off the [Palestinian Football] Association's lists, whether he is a player, coach, judge or, God forbid, a team... Did we act correctly and convince [FIFA's] General Assembly? Yes. Yes, we'll suspend their [Israel's] membership [in FIFA] and this way we'll screw them ... I won't allow and won't agree to any joint game between Arabs and Israel."