Accident in the north of Israel
Accident in the north of IsraelMDA spokesman

The head of the National Road Safety Authority, Giora Rom, referred to the severe road accident which occurred Monday near Hananya junction in the north in which four people were killed and nine seriously injured.

In an Army Radio interview Rom stressed that the problem is not infrastructure but rather the "reckless driving in the Arab sector."

He said that improving infrastructure would not solve the problem. "Even if there had been a dividing wall there, only the older woman would have been saved, while the three youths would have died anyway. It is irresponsible and reckless driving which leads to the disproportionate amount of deaths in the Arab sector."

"A society which represents 20% of Israeli residents suffered 33% of the casualties in 2016. Since the beginning of the year, 11 Jews and 11 Arabs have been killed," added Rom. "The Authority is initiating a procedure to reduce the amount of casualties in the Arab sector; we are meeting with those who have some influence in the matter."

Police estimated Monday that the serious accident near Hananya junction was caused by human error and was not due to road conditions. The driver of the private vehicle veered from his lane for unknown reasons and collided with a van coming in the opposite direction.