Malachi Rosenfeld
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An IDF court at Ofer Prison ruled on Sunday that terrorist and murderer Abdullah Asahak be sentenced to life imprisonment.

In a shooting attack near the communities of Shvut Rachel and Kida in June 2015, Asahak murdered 26-year-old Malachi Rosenfeld and injured three others. He was captured in July of that year.

Rosenfeld's eldest brother, an IAF pilot, was killed at age 22 in a jeep accident in the Tze'elim Stream, in the Judean Desert on March 29, 2002.

Two days before the shooting attack in which Rosenfeld was killed, the same Hamas terror cell shot at an ambulance and other Israeli vehicles.

Asahak was convicted of murdering seven people in several terror attacks.

In addition to his life sentence, Asahak will pay 250,000 NIS in compensation to Rosenfeld's family.