Hundreds of thousands participated on Saturday in the Washington, D.C. "Women's March on Washington" from Capitol Hill to the White House, in protest of US President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony and move to the White House.

Leftist filmmaker and author Michael Moore said, "We’re in day two of the Trump tragedy...I don’t want to give the standard demonstration speech, you got a lot of great speakers here today. I would like to give you a to do list of what we can all do starting immediately.

"We have to get busy folks, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Number one, I want you to make this part of your new daily routine. I want you to call congress every single day.

"I’m telling you these calls work. When they tried to get rid of the Congressional Office of Ethics, the switchboard was jammed and overloaded we shut it down with phone calls.

"Two hours later they pulled back. That’s how powerful you are. Make it part of your daily routine," he concluded.

Hillary Clinton, who had been the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, tweeted, "Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we're always stronger together."

On Friday, shortly after Trump's inauguration ceremony had ended, a 34-year-old man was shot while attending a Milo Yiannopoulos (Republican) event near the University of Washington in Seattle. He was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

The perpetrator turned himself in and claimed he had fired the shot in self-defense.

The shooting happened while police were securing the event. While he spoke, Yiannopoulos had two bodyguards, and there were helicopters flying over the event as well.

At the same event, leftist rioters broke two store windows and set a limousine on fire.