Danon with the pictures of the murdered soldiers
Danon with the pictures of the murdered soldiersצילום: דוברות

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon accused the Security Council of providing inspiration and encouragement to terrorists who murder Israelis by passing Resolution 2334, which declared all Jewish presence over the 1949 armistice lines illegal and only condemned incitement and terrorism in abstract terms without condemning the Palestinian Authority or Hamas.

"Last month the Security Council voted to adopt resolution 2334 and this chamber erupted into applause with almost every nation represented voicing its approval of a resolution condemning Israel. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, murderous terrorist organizations who are openly committed to the destruction of the State of Israel, joined the Council in welcoming this resolution."Danon said.

He continued: "Last week a Palestinian terrorist used his truck to ram into a group of soldiers who were visiting Jerusalem, killing four Israelis and injuring dozens of others."

He held up photographs of those killed in the terror attack and stated their names: "Shir Hajaj, Yael Yakutiel, Erez Orbach, and Shira Tzur were murdered by a Palestinian who was led to believe that he could use terror and violence to remove the Jewish people from Jerusalem. He will not succeed."

He accused the Security Council resolution of being responsible for PA incitement. "The day after the Security Council vote, Fatah, the movement of Mahmoud Abbas, posted a cartoon on their official Facebook page. It showed a dagger in the shape of a map of Israel colored with Palestinian flag. Not Judea and Samaria, all of Israel. Under the dagger was a pool of blood and next to it said 'Thank you' and listed each Council member who voted for the shameful resolution. The Palestinian Foreign Minister's immediate reaction to the resolution and Secretary Kerry's speech was to declare: 'No to Israel as a Jewish state.' The Palestinians leadership received the message. The now understand that they should continue to spread lies and incitement."