After telling the public he "wanted to commit suicide" upon hearing US President-elect Donald Trump had decided not to use his services on January 20, Charles Brotman has a new job with NBC4.

Brotman, 89, was fired via email a week before inauguration day, after he had already begun preparing for the ceremony. He began working as inauguration announcer in 1957, and announced a total of 11 US presidents.

"I was down, I was disappointed, and I thought I would be doing it for the next 100 years," Brotman said. "Now I’m not thinking about the old news. I’m only thinking about good news.

"Now I'm all young and excited again," Brotman told The Washington Post. "It's a new day. Instead of talking to a few thousand people, I'm talking to a few million people."

"Given Charlie Brotman’s long history in Washington and unparalleled experience with Inaugural parades celebrating presidents in both parties, we have invited him to be part of our Inauguration coverage on January 20," an NBC4 spokesperson said. "Charlie will provide his unique insights that people in Washington have enjoyed for many decades."

NBC4 is NBC's Washington, D.C. affiliate, and Brotman will contribute to their coverage of the inauguration ceremony.