MK Feiglin
MK FeiglinHezki Ezra

Zehut Movement CEO and former MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) told his supporters on Sunday night that the Israeli left is using their power in the IDF and media to erase the glory of the civilian who killed the terrorist responsible for last week's ramming attack in Jerusalem.

According to Feiglin, the left is trying to counter the tour guide's heroism because the guide acted "like a man," which contradicts the narrative which the left is trying to sell the Israeli public. However, the female soldier who shot at the terrorist is portrayed as a hero - because it fits with the left's agenda.

Regardless, when Hamas view the video of the terror attack, they see soldiers "running like sissies" from the terrorist, Feiglin said.

He also compared the mental games claiming the soldiers didn't run but stopped to fight to those in "The Emperor's New Clothes."

"Everyone saw them running away," Feiglin said. "But now they're trying to tell us the soldier's didn't run from fear, they ran because they were ordered to run. But they all ran! What can you do?

"Are we proud of this video? Is Hamas is showing this video to anyone and everyone because it makes us look good? No! All the IDF cadets ran away.

"Forgive me - I really need to ask you to forgive me for saying this - but I must emphasize again that I'm not against women and I'm not for men, but this is the way our enemies see us... They see us running....running like what? Like sissies. Yeah, like sissies, like little girls. But who did act like a man? Eitan. Don't forget about him, he doesn't exist. He's been erased. There's a narrative we have to create. Eitan messes up our narrative, so we erased him," Feiglin concluded.