BDS activists (Illustration)
BDS activists (Illustration)Michelly Rall/Getty Images via JTA

A leader of one of the largest anti-Israel activist networks in the United States publicly praised the murder of four Israeli Jews in a terror attack in Jerusalem, hailing the killings as “the biggest ‘F you’” to Israel.

Nerdeen Kiswani, president of the New York City chapter of the Students for Justice in Palestine took to Facebook to praise the slaughter of four IDF cadets on Sunday by an Arab terrorist from the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in Jerusalem.

In her comment, Kiswani took fellow anti-Israel activists and supporters of the Palestinian Authority to task for condemning the murderous attack, saying terrorism was, in these circumstances, justified and indeed worthy of praise. Kiswani even referenced celebrations by Arabs in Jerusalem after the attack as positive examples to emulate.

“While Palestinians and ‘allies’ in the west [sic] scramble to condemn, apologize, explain, hide, rationalize, etc what happened this morning, Palestinians in Palestine are giving out sweets in celebration,” Kiswani wrote.

“I will not hide from this. I will not be ashamed or embarrassed by this. Those celebratory actions are what keep the resistance moving forward, they are what keep it alive. In a world that’s trying to quell our liberation and self determination, the biggest ‘F you’ to that are Palestinians celebrating actions that 1) remind settlers that there will never be peace on stolen land 2) remind the world we are still here 3) galvanize other Palestinians to fight. That’s your rationalization no apology needed.”

Ms. Kiswani deleted the post after an expose by The Algemeiner, which noted her long history of support for violence against Israel and her opposition to the existence of the Jewish state.

Among slogans Kiswani reportedly endorsed are “There is only one solution/Intifada Revolution” as well as “We don’t want no two state/We want 48,” and “It is right, to rebel/Israel, Go to hell”.

While Kiswani removed the aforementioned Facebook post, her Twitter feed still includes a series of comments legitimizing Sunday’s attack and violence against Israeli soldiers in general.

“Newsflash: uniform clad armed combatants are not ‘innocent pedestrian children’ but the 500 kids murdered in Gaza ARE.”

To back up her claims that terrorism is at times sanctioned by law, Kiswani cited herself as a student of international relations and human rights.

“Even under international law it's common knowledge that armed combatants are a legitimate target. I literally studied IR and human rights.”

Kiswani's comments on Twitter
Kiswani's comments on TwitterTwitter/Screenshot