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In a show of solidarity with Jewish students, the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) published this week an announcement acknowledging the problem of anti-Semitism at the University, and challenging national student leader Malia Bouattia to resign if she won’t apologize to Jewish students for past anti-Semitic statements.

“We would particularly like to acknowledge concerns raised specifically over the National Union of Students [NUS] and the Oxford University Labour Club [OULC],” the OUSU posted on its website.

NUS President Malia Bouattia has, in the past, expressed support for terror, calling Palestinian terrorism against Israelis “Palestinian resistance,” and blaming “mainstream Zionist-led media outlets” for painting the “resistance” as terrorism.

She also had claimed that the BDS movement doesn’t go far enough in its war against Israel.

“To consider that Palestine will be free only by means of fundraising, non-violent protest, and the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is problematic," she said.

In light of her previous statements, the OUSU called on Bouattia to apologize to Jewish students - or resign.

“While there is a variety of opinion amongst Jewish students regarding the NUS and its leadership, we cannot ignore or dismiss the hurt and anger caused by statements made by Malia Bouattia. We echo calls from Jewish students for a full and formal apology for her language and comments, condemn the lack of apology thus far, and agree that if no apology is made, the appropriate course of action would be resignation.”

Similarly, the OUSU noted the “disappointment felt over the inadequate response from the University” with respect to complaints of anti-Semitism within the Oxford University Labor Club.

“[We hope that] that OULC can once again become a place where Jewish students feel welcome,” the OUSU wrote.

Previously, a co-Chair of the OULC had resigned over the group’s support for Israel Apartheid Week, and anti-Semitism among the extreme-left of the student body in general; since then, numerous other students have come forward with testimony describing anti-Semitic incidents from within the group.