Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a delegation from AIPAC Tuesday that Israel had proof that the Obama Administration was involved in the planning of the anti-Israel resolution which was passed by the UN Security Council last month declaring all Jewish presence over the 1949 armistice lines to be illegal.

"We have unequivocal evidence that the Security Council Resolution passed in the UN against Israel was led by the Administration. There is no question whatsoever about that." Netanyahu said.

He called the Obama Administration's support for the resolution "a major break with US policy."

He quoted former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served under former President Bill Clinton. Albright said in response to another anti-Israel UN resolution:"We oppose the specific references to Jerusalem in this resolution and will continue to oppose its insertion in future resolutions. We simply do not support the description of territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war as 'Occupied Palestinian territory."