Eli Yishay
Eli YishayEliran Aharon

Former Minister Eli Yishai said today (Monday) in an Arutz 7 interview that the verdict in the trial of Elor Azariya harms Israel.

"It burns, it hurts - it's also disgraceful. This story has taken on dimensions that make us a laughingstock around the world. This issue should have been closed in a reasonable manner as used to be done in the past," said Yishai.

"The whole show trial makes us a joke around the world and gives legitimacy to terrorists. We chain soldier's hands and then tell them to go to defend the citizens of Israel."

Yishai emphasized repeatedly that "a terrorist was shot, not an innocent. Even when innocents are shot in the IDF the matter is placed before a committee of inquiry, not like what happened here."

He notes that in this situation there is an obligation to appeal. "I think we have to appeal in order to clarify matters. The two defense ministers, past and present, have done nothing for him. Liberman should stand up and act to obtaih a pardon."

"It hits us hardest. This is a terrorist who stabbed and committed terror and was neutralized, and the soldier was confused and did what he did. Where have we gone? I think that the leaders and politicians should have foreseen this and prevented a show trial lasting months," concluded the former minister.