Rabbis in Neve Tzuf.Today
Rabbis in Neve Tzuf.TodaySachar Cohen

Rabbis from the annual World Rabbinical Conference were hosted by residents of the town of Neve Tzuf in Binyamin, Tuesday.

The conference was organised by the World Zionist Organization's (WZO) Department for Religious Affairs.

One-hundred-twenty rabbis from thirty-six countries visited Neve Tzuf along with their wives to show their solidarity with the residents of the town.

Rabbi Blass, the Rabbi of Neve Tzuf, welcomed the delegation and told them of the fire which had been set by Arab terrorists in the town on a Friday night several weeks ago.

"The fire which the terrorists set burned parts of the town. "But by the grace of G-d there were no casualties, either in mind or in body," Rabbi Blass said. "What was destroyed in the fire we will build and make even greater. Our enemies should know that whoever harms a Jewish settlement in the land of Israel will only cause the roots of the settlements to deepen and that they will grow more and more. We here in Neve Tzuf only intend to build, to grow, and to expand."

Rabbi Billet, one of the Rabbis from the conference, said: "Our enemies are able to burn houses, but they are not able to burn our spirit!"

The rabbis toured the town. They saw the houses which were burnt as a result of the arson attack and planted trees in the community.