Drone (illustration)
Drone (illustration)Moshe Shai / Flash 90

The Israeli company Convexum announced that it has developed technology to protect against drone infiltration, Channel 2 reported.

Drones have been used in increasing numbers both for recreational purposes and by the military, including in Israel. Drones can be used to gather intelligence without any risk to human life and are often smaller than manned aircraft, allowing them to fly closer to their targets without being spotted.

According to Convexum, it has designed a system that can take control of a drone without any human intervention, thereby protecting sensitive sites such as military installations from the mechanized eyes of drones. The company claims that the system "offers enhanced perimeter security against rogue and malicious drone intrusions."

The system automatically disables the control operations of a drone that comes too close and guides the drone towards a safe landing.

Current systems can detect drone infiltration, but are unable to prevent those infiltrations. According to Convexum, the new system can be used to protect a wide array of locations, such as military bases and prisons, from drone infiltration.

Convexum's announcement comes after residents of the town of Ma'on near Mount Hevron captured a drone which had been used by Arabs from nearby villages, with the aid of the European Union, to spy on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.