Prime Minister Netanyahu
Prime Minister NetanyahuAmos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred Tuesday to the police investigation against him on suspicion of accepting improper favors from businessmen and to the decision of the State Attorney to close four police files which had been opened against him.

These include claims about alleged prohibited funding for the 2009 elections, claims of falsifying the results of the Likud primaries that year, claims of receiving benefits overseas, the financing of flights by wealthy individuals residing abroad, and claims of double billing of flights abroad.

Netanyahu said that "years of daily persecution of me and my family resulted yesterday in absolutely nothing. Did any member of the media apologize for the thousands of headlines, articles and broadcasting hours of 'investigative journalism' which turned out to be phony? Certainly not [Raviv] Drucker, [a senior journalist who has targeted Netanyahu and his family in numerous articles and was responsible for a number of the police investigations]," wrote Netanyahu on his Facebook page.

"I say again: There won't be anything because there isn't anything."