As tensions between Israel and the Obama administration escalate following the US abstention in the United Nations Security Council and a 72-minute long speech by Secretary of State John Kerry haranguing Israeli policy and the government of Israel, attorney Marc Zell is confident US-Israel relations will not only recover, but become stronger than ever before.

With less than three weeks until President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, Zell spoke with Arutz Sheva during a visit to the Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem.

"Every time I come here I relive the extraordinary experience that I had living in Gush Katif in the last three months to a month before the deportation of the residents of Gush Katif and the destruction of the beautiful villages they had there," said Zell, who chairs the Republicans Overseas Israel organization.

Zell opined that with Trump’s inauguration, Israel would for the first time be allowed to pursue its own interests vis-à-vis Judea, Samaria, and the capital. But with this new freedom, Zell added, the Israeli government would be obliged to create a coherent long-term policy for the areas under its control, something successive coalitions have never been in a position to do.

"It's important to be reminded of the lessons of Gush Katif, especially at this critical time in history when we're on the cusp of perhaps a new age with the incoming Trump administration. I think one of the greatest things that the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence means for the State of Israel, is that probably for the first time in 50 years we'll have an American administration that will truly back the decisions and the will of the people of Israel and the State of Israel.”

“And that means, conversely, that the State of Israel and the government of Israel must decide for the first time what its interests are for Judea, Samaria, east Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. There's no more room for pussyfooting around here. Israel must decide. And what Israel decides is in its interests, the American government that will take office, with God's help, on January 20th will support.”