Naftali Bennett speaks at Sapir College
Naftali Bennett speaks at Sapir CollegeFlash90

Education Minister and Jewish Home Party head Naftali Bennett responded Wednesday to Secretary of State Kerry's call for a "viable two state solution." Bennett said that "Kerry quoted me three times anonymously in his speech in order to demonstrate that we oppose a Palestinian state."

"So let me state it explicitly:"

"Yes. If it depends on me, we will not establish another terror state in the heart of our country. The citizens of Israel have paid with thousands of victims, tens of thousands of rockets and innumerable condemnations for the utopian idea of a Palestinian state. It's time for a new policy and we will lead the way."

Earlier, Bennett sent a sharp message to Secretary of State Kerry on the eve of his policy speech regarding the Arab-israeli conflict.

"A few days ago the UN Security Council voted for a shameful resolution stating that Jerusalem is occupied territory," the minister said.

"Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for 3,000 years. That is in the Bible, open it and read. We, the Jews, have been lighting the menorah for 2170 years in Jerusalem. We say 'Next year in Jerusalem' every Passover. We lit the menorah 1,000 years ago in Russia and Morocco and said 'Next year in Jerusalem.' We lit the menorah 72 years ago near the Auschwitz crematoria and said 'Next year in Jerusalem.'"

"Mr. Secretary: No UN decision or speech will change the fact that Jerusalem was and will always be the Israeli capital."