Marc Zell, vice president of Republicans Overseas
Marc Zell, vice president of Republicans OverseasBen Sales

Marc Zell, the Chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, told Arutz Sheva that no American president has ever acted against a close ally at the end of his term in office as President Obama did when he refused to have the US exercise its veto power and allowed the passage of an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council.

"I agree with every word the Prime Minister said about the wrong Obama and his administration committed [against Israel] in initiating the Security Council resolution." Zell told Arutz Sheva. "I think that, unfortunately, President Obama is attempting to do everything he can to sabotage the policy of the [incoming] Trump Administration. This is something that is unprecedented in the history of the United States, that the lame duck President is attempting to thwart the next president."

"It's really a shame that he doesn't know how to leave the White House gracefully." Zell said. "And according to the information I received he is going to stay in Washington to run a shadow government, [a move] which has no precedent."

Zell noted that even the Democratic Party has criticized the Obama Administration's decision to abstain during the vote on the anti-Israel resolution. "Even Democrats like Alan Dershowitz, who voted for Obama, say that what he is doing now is a disaster. We hope it will be possible to mitigate the impact of the resolution through financial pressure on the UN, since the US funds nearly a quarter of its budget."

"Obama, unfortunately, knew what he was doing when he brought the resolution back for a vote at the Security Council [after Egypt requested that the vote be postponed indefinitely]." Zell added. "There are four nations with veto powers, and any one of them can prevent a re-vote, so I believe it is a long shot [to have the resolution rescinded]. We need to put pressure on the UN so they will consider the disaster [this resolution caused."

Zell believes that the steps Obama has recently taken, including allowing the passage of the resolution, show his inability to cope with the defeat the Democrats suffered in last month's presidential election. "Because the Democrats lost, they are trying to damage the victors. We also know that in three weeks there will be the Paris Convention and Obama's senior adviser said that Secretary of State John Kerry will be there and will probably announce (the US] recognition of a Palestinian State."

"These things are not acceptable. Instead of the president knowing how to leave White House with dignity, he is trying to perpetuate the failed policies [of his administration] in order to rope the new administration into implementing those policies. Obama is more dangerous than Carter, Carter did what he did after his presidency, and Obama is trying to implement hostile policies against us now." he added.