Basel Ghattas
Basel GhattasYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

According to Ynet, police have arrested the man suspected of giving mobile phones to MK Basel Ghattas (Arab Joint List) - who then transferred the devices to jailed Hamas prisoners.

Mobile phones are forbidden to terrorist prisoners as they can be used as a means of organizing and coordinating terrorist operations from prison.

The suspect, who has already been interrogated, is apparently a relative of one of the prisoners who received the devices from Ghattas.

Yesterday, Ghattas’ arrest was extended by a day; although he confessed to the crimes and volunteered to be stripped of his parliamentary immunity before the Knesset would have done so, he is to be released today.

Although police sought to extend Ghattas’ arrest by four days, Judge Menachem Mizrahi said in his decision: “It’s possible to say that there have been significant developments in the investigation. It is a difficult decision to extend the arrest of an MK. I say this because if we were talking about a different suspect, I would have granted more jail time. When we’re talking about an MK, jail time should be given sparingly.”

The Knesset's legal advisor Eyal Yinon ruled that while Ghattas is under any form of arrest, he is banned from voting in the Knesset.