Ne'emanei Har Habayit activists lit a Hanukkah menorah outside the Old City of Jerusalem's Jaffa Gate on Sunday morning, in response to the United Nations Security Council's latest anti-Israel resolution.

Ne'emanei Har Habayit is a group of activists dedicated to preserving the Temple Mount's Jewish identity. The name literally means "the Temple Mount's faithful."

During the ceremony, Ne'emanei Har Habayit CEO Gershon Salomon said, "Today, we send a message to the Jewish nation and to the entire world - especially to the 'Oom Shmoom' (UN - ed.). The Temple Mount belongs to us for eternity. Jerusalem belongs to us, and only to us. We will not move from this spot, ever.

"I was not surprised by the UN's decision. We expected it," Salomon said. "How can we complain about the UN, when with our own hands, since the Six Day War in 1967, we have pushed the Jewish nation away from the Temple Mount, and we have given the Temple Mount to our worst enemies. The Temple Mount has turned into a hornet's nest. The UN's decision was shameful, but it came about because of the Israeli government's negligence."

"We have advanced a stage in our fight, along with the Students' Organization, and we will work together for the Temple Mount's sake," Salomon said. "This is a difficult time, and the Temple Mount is on the verge of being lost forever. We have no sovereignty, and we have no one to blame besides the Israeli government."

"I am optimistic regarding President-elect Donald Trump's new administration, but the final decision will be made by Israel, not by the US, Rome, or Paris. Israel's fate will be decided in Jerusalem, and on the Temple Mount we will build the Third Temple, right under the noses of world leaders," Salomon emphasized.

Former MK Shuli Mualem (Jewish Home) also participated in the candle lighting ceremony.

Mualem said, "After the UN's unfortunate decision, there is nothing more right than organizing more groups who will ascend the Temple Mount. Every day, Jews pray facing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount connects the entire Jewish nation, and belongs to all of us. We must take care of it.

"We need to start discussing applying Israeli sovereignty to all of Israel. At the same time, there is a place which we already have sovereignty over, but where we have not yet used our sovereignty, and that is the Temple Mount. The more Jews ascend the Temple Mount, the more we will express our sovereignty," Mualem concluded.