Naftali Bennett speaks at Sapir College
Naftali Bennett speaks at Sapir CollegeFlash90

Jewish Home party head and Education Minister Naftali Bennett spoke to Army Radio this morning about Friday's UN Security Council resolution calling for a halt to Jewish building in Judea and Samaria in which the US abstained, thus allowing the resolution to pass 14-0.

“Thousands of terrorists around the world look at the UN decision and really see it as [tacit encouragement of] drafting for terror,” he said.

“Terrorists will say, ‘Those who trample children with their cars and go out [to stab people] with knives are the ones who benefit,” Bennett said of the consequences he foresees as a result of the UN decision.

According to Bennett, the appropriate response is to annex the Jewish city of Ma’ale Adumim in Judea. The city is 5 miles from Jerusalem at the northern edge of the Judean Desert and has 38,000 residents.

“We have already tried the way of the Left; the time has come to try the path that we are suggesting - sovereignty over a maximum of area with a minimum of Palestinians. We will soon submit a ‘Ma’ale Adumim bill’ to the Knesset,” he asserted.