Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon condemned the UN Security Council's "anti-settlement" resolution during an anti-Israel discussion.

Holding a Bible in his hand, Danon said, "This book holds 3,000 years of Jewish history in Israel, and no one can dictate or change that fact. This decision will join the list of shameful and anti-Israel decisions made by this organization."

Turning to the other ambassadors, he said, "Who gave you the right to condemn the Jewish nation for building homes in its eternal capital? Would you have dared to question the right to build in Paris? In Beijing? In London? In Washington?

"The Palestinian efforts to harm Israel through the UN will not help peace and will not advance any solutions. The Palestinians will gain nothing until they stop terror and incitement, and return direct negotiations with Israel," Danon concluded.

Though Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has stated several times his willingness to negotiate with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Abbas has stated explicitly that he will not meet with Netanyahu until Israel agrees to meet his preconditions.