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Arab-Jewish startup Nurami Medical has completed its first round of financing from the Alfred Mann Foundation and private investors, following an over 3 Million Shekel investment by NGT3 and the office of the Chief Scientist, with the establishment of the company in April 2014.

The funds raised will enable preliminary clinical testing on humans during 2017, and continued development of the product.

Nurami Medical is developing an innovative technology platform for soft tissue replacement and repair.

The first product on the market is a synthetic, biodegradable replacement for the dura mater tissue that protects the brain, for use in neurosurgery.

In the future, the technology will be adapted for other types of surgery that entail long recovery time and have a high risk for infection that may be potentially fatal.

The company founders are Nora Nseir, an entrepreneur from the Arab sector, CTO of Nurami Medical, and Dr. Amir Bahar, a Jewish entrepreneur, CEO of the company.