Yitzhak Katzin
Yitzhak Katzinthe Katzin family

The late Yitzchak Katzin, aged 61, from the city of Ariel was killed last Thursday in South Africa, but his body has not yet been flown to Israel. The family is at a loss to know how to expedite bringing the body to Israel for burial as quickly as possible.

Katzin, a real estate agent from Ariel and an enthusiast of extreme sports, was killed in a skydiving accident near Pretoria, South Africa. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Burial in Israel has been delayed for the fourth day by the South Africa authorities, who have yet to provide the necessary approvals to transfer the body of Israel. The next El-Al flight to Israel leaves on Thursday but Katzin’s family is concerned that the approvals may not come in time even for that flight.

Simcha Katzin, widow of Yitzhak, told Arutz Sheva. "We are at an impasse. The delay in bringing the body goes on an on. Only El-Al is willing to flying bodies, but the approvals from the authorities in Africa have not yet been received.”

The family is in touch with the deceased's insurance company, with the Jewish burial society in South Africa, and with the Israeli consulate in Pretoria and Foreign Ministry officials.

All the parties involved have so far failed to expedite the issuance of permits to fly the body due to the daunting bureaucracy in South Africa, and they also noted that in recent days the country had a national holiday.

The Foreign Ministry said in response: '' Friday was a local holiday and the local authorities don’t work on the weekend. We hope that the casket will be on the next flight to Israel.”