MK Nissan Slomiansky
MK Nissan SlomianskyFlash 90

One by one right-wing politicians, rabbis and military and police officers fall.

At the same time, and as if there’s no connection, the gender equality movement increasingly forces its norms on the army. As these phenomena intensify, more and more people are starting to look at the extreme left as the key suspect behind them.

Their suspicions are correct.

The ruling political system has, thanks to the left, a smoothly running mechanism for eliminating its enemies, and the most recent victim is MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home). The opposition-elimination mechanism is the product of 180 years of trial and error by the best minds the political world has ever known. For the extreme left, politics is a science, and one who learns the secrets of the social mechanism can take over any modern state, even if he loses the election.

It’s not that the right are fools. They’re just inexperienced.

A Brilliant Perfection of Control

In 1848, Karl Marx, a 30-year old revolutionary, along with his partner and financial backer Friedrich Engels, published the “Communist Manifesto,” which became the action plan of the communist movement. A hundred long years passed till the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. For the Jewish people as a whole, 1948 was the beginning of the process of learning to manage a modern state. However, the Socialist left had a big head start. They had, since Marx, been gaining experience in pursuing revolutionary political movements.

פסל מרקס (משמאל) ואנגלס בברלין
פסל מרקס (משמאל) ואנגלס בברליןצילום: iStock

For this reason, the political left, as would be expected, was far more sophisticated and professional at playing the political game than the right, and who knows how long it will take for the right to finally catch up.

This advantage of the left is strikingly relevant in recent years in the sexual terrorism in politics and in the army and in and the other attacks on the structure of the family.

The Left’s advantage is in these areas is strikingly evident and is a testament to the brilliant perfection of their methods over the last 50 years, both in Israel and in other Western countries. However, in the United States at least, the total victory of the left has, at the last moment apparently been denied by the loss of Hilary Clinton in the November election.

The Trick

The dismantling of the Western society and its domination, as practiced by the extreme left, rests on one basic trick that we need to understand. The trick is convincing the society that the fact that men hold most of the positions of power is due, not to human nature, but to the dark side of masculinity and the systematic oppression of women.

The truth, of course, is quite different. Look around at the world of nature or watch the “Discovery” channel. The natural world is characterized by two species with very different characters and clear divisions in their two roles.

When we see Mother Goose walking at the head of a column of chicks, we know that this is not due to her religious education at a “Beit Yaakov” institution for geese.

אמא אווזה ואפרוחיה, סין.
אמא אווזה ואפרוחיה, סין.צילום: רויטרס

When we see male monkeys compete with each other for dominance, while female monkeys compete for the right to mate with the dominant male, we understand that this is not happening because the male monkeys greet every morning with a blessing “for not making me a woman,” or because they developed iron tools and took over the means of production.

When male ibex charge at each other as part of their spectacular battles during mating season, we know that this is due to biological nature and not “patriarchy,” or “gender discrimination.”

This is the natural pattern: males compete for dominance, and women compete for the dominant males.

Since we are part of the natural world and not alien to it, it makes sense that men are the backbone of leadership in human society. This is not something unnatural or artificial. In practice, this has been the situation in all progressive human societies. Perhaps in the world one can find a remote tribe where women are dominant. Even still, it is clear that this is the exception that proves the rule. Even the cultural history of the world is not in general ruled by women.

The Power of Persuasion

But what happens when you convince people that this is not the case. Suppose that you can, through dummy research and credentialed academics, make people believe that the predominance of males in the centers of political-military-economic power is a dark conspiracy. Suppose you can convince people that, according to the principles of natural justice, women should be placed in positions of authority in exactly the same numbers as men. If this is not the case, then it must be the result of “oppression.” Suppose that you have a mandate, based on faith in this idea, to promote women to positions of power and authority so that they reach full equality with men.

Suppose that along the way, you occasionally remind the women you’ve been promoting that they are indebted to you, and that you intend to collect on this debt in various ways. What happens then? This is how you carve out for yourself, out of nothing, a position of tremendous strength regardless of any elections. You put the male leadership channel in a position of constant embarrassment, defensiveness, and a sense of guilt, while you take the moral high road in your public discourse against the latest representative of oppression.

You are free to insist on huge budgets and various kinds of discrimination for the good of the “sheep of your flock” amongst these “disempowered women.” You don’t even have to ask the women what they’d like, since you are their savior and protector, to whom they owe thanks, obedience, and loyalty.

This is the fundamental trick behind the huge political influence of the “women’s organizations,” who wield their influence without public knowledge of who is actually behind the organizations, who controls and directs them. In this way, the door is opened to a hostility that ultimately harms women and children no less than men.