Money (illustration)
Money (illustration)Flash 90

Gilbert Luzon, the owner of the King Solomon hotel chain, bequeathed millions of dollars to his hotel employees when he passed away, Channel 2 reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Luzon, whose holdings included hotels in Jerusalem and Tiberius, stated in his will that employees who had worked at his hotels for at least five years would receive inheritances of $1,000 for every year they worked for him. Employees who worked for five years would receive the minimum of $5,000, and inheritance would go up for each year of seniority.

"He spent more than $2 million," one employee said. "Some people who have been washing dishes for 20 years would get $20,000. Everyone thought it was like winning the lottery."

Itchie Wolfs, who runs a money exchange booth in Jerusalem, told Channel 2: "Recently a bunch of customers have come to me with American checks which they claim they received from their employer."

"All the checks have the same name and the amounts are very high. So far it totals several tens of thousands of dollars, but there are people who are still waiting and it could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars."