NYC SJPNew York City Students for Justice in Palestine

Just prior to the electoral college's vote on December 19, New York Arabs are protesting President-elect Donald Trump's consideration of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a top cabinet position.

"In light of the surge of violent attacks by white supremacist vigilantes... and the promise of intensified state surveillance, violence, and repression, we respond to the urgent need to redouble our struggle against US imperialism from within the belly of the beast," wrote New York City Students for Justice in Palestine.

"In mapping out what the right to resist looks like from Eastchester in the occupied Bronx to East Jerusalem in occupied Palestine and beyond, we are reminded that the incomplete if it is not situated as part of the broader fight against US empire.

"As...Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and champion of broken windows policing, is being considered by Trump for a top cabinet position, we reaffirm the right of all oppressed peoples to resist by any means necessary...

"We call on all comrades and allies in the struggle against Islamophobia, white supremacy and zionism [sic] to join us in collectivizing our insights, experiences, and resources in the consolidation of our movements into a united front against fascism."